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Dr. Tim Johnson

Senior Pastor
Tim has the distinct privilege of being Karron’s husband for 35 years! Karron and Tim met at Baylor University (Sic ‘em Bears!) and married during his senior and her junior year. They have two ...

Craig Zachariasen

Pastor of Assimilation, Admin. and Global Outreach
Craig “Zach” Zachariasen grew up as a small town South Dakota kid. His favorite subject was history & geography, and he dreamed about traveling the world. College resulted in a degree, a wife (Linda)...

Brent Watson

Pastor of Small Groups and Spiritual Formation/Dir
Brent has served as the Pastor of Small Groups and Spiritual Formation since 2010. A Kansas native, he began his studies at the University of Kansas in Architectural Engineering. He had no idea how ...

Bret Welstead

Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts
Bret Welstead has been the Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts at New Cov since 2006, and he was the Worship Intern at New Cov from 2002 to 2004.

Bret is passionate about music. He holds an


Troy Heller

Pastor of Students
Troy has been the Youth Pastor at New Cov since 2003. He often says he didn’t have to learn to love New Cov when he came on staff because he has been attending since 1995. Back then, as a high school ...

Christine Petersen

Assistant to the Youth Pastor

Beth Haase

Director of Children's Ministries
Beth was born and raised in Lincoln. She was very fortunate to be raised in a Christian home. Beth personally accepted Christ and was baptized at age 11.

Since the majority of people accept


Linda Zachariasen

Nursery Coordinator

Candace Butt

Assistant to Director of Children's Ministries

Tracie Welstead

CREW Program Director

Suz Heller

Middle School Ministry Coordinator

Denise Hessler

Office Manager and Financial Administrator

Sara Christiansen

Administrative Assistant

Penny Stephens

Web Manager and Graphic Design Coordinator

Steve Miller

Building Superintendent