Lent Commitment and Readings

Intentional Pursuit of Jesus


For centuries, the followers of Jesus have embraced the practice of giving up something for the 40 days (not including Sundays) leading up to Easter. The purpose of doing so is to create some space to be more intentional in our reltaionships with Jesus. At New Cov, we have expanded on this idea to include the option of adding something to your routine that would enhance your pursuit of Jesus.


Are you planning to give something up or add somthing to your regular routine during thie season of Lent? We would love to pray for you and encourage you in your efforts to be more intentional with Christ. Use the button below to let us know what you are planning.

Daily Readings

To help you be more intentional in your experience of God this lenten season, we are providing daily scripture readings with a reflection question for each day. Each verse is a hyperlink to the passage on biblegateway.com.

Week 1

Wednesday, February 17 - Mark 1:12-15

What is one way you can honor Christ for the next 40 days?

Thursday, February 18 - Hebrews 12:1-3

Find strength to follow Jesus today by recalling the faithful action of another Jesus follower. How can their faith help you to trust Jesus right now?


Friday, February 19 - Matthew 6:16-18

How might you fast or give up someting in a way that doesn't draw attention to you?


Saturday, February 20Isaiah 58:3-7

When we fast or give up something for a season, how does that point us to justice?

Sunday, February 21 (no passage)

Week 2

Monday, February 22 - Hebrews 4:14-16

How does Jesus' experience of temptation encourage you to approach God with your weakness?

Tuesday, February 23 - Psalm 119:9-16

In what way would hiding God's word in your heart help you today?

Wednesday, February 24 - 1Peter 5:6-8

What need do you have that you are reluctant to entrust God with?

Thursday, February 25 - Joel 2:12-14

Ask God to check the motives in your heart. Write down what God brings to mind.

Friday, February 26 - Ephesians 2:1-5

How can you live today like you are alive because of Jesus?

Saturday, February 27 Romans 12:14-16

How does Jesus inspire us to love others?

Sunday, February 28 (no passage)

Week 3

Monday, March 1 - Psalm 77:1, 7-12

What does it look like to cry out first to God?

Tuesday, March 2 - Psalm 33:18-22

Where do you tend to place your hope in difficult times?

Wednesday, March 3 - Psalm 19:9-14

Write down verse 14 and then use that as your recurring prayer to God today.

Thursday, March 4 - John 13:12-17

Write down the name of someone you believe God wants you to serve today.

Friday, March 5 - Psalm 22:25-28

In what ways can seeking God result in praise for Him?

Saturday, March 6 - Romans 12:17-21

What opportunities do you have to overcome evil with good?

Sunday, March 7 (no passage)

Week 4

Monday, March 8 - John 3:14-18

In what ways does knowing your security beyond your time on earth impact the way you live today?

Tuesday, March 9 - Lamentations 3:19-24

What is one time that you watched God come through in your life? How can that propel you forward today?

Wednesday, March 10 - Isaiah 40:27-31

Why is waiting on God a good thing to do?

Thursday, March 11 - Psalm 27:11-14

In what area of your life do you need to ask God to teach you His way?

Friday, March 12 - 1Peter 3:13-18

Which of these commands seems the most difficult when it comes to suffering?

Saturday, March 13 - John 12:23-26

What does it look like for you to "hate your life in this world"?

Sunday, March 14 (no passage)

Week 5

Monday, March 15 - Psalm 107:17-22

Write down what is troubling you today and then offer it to God.

Tuesday, March 16 - Isaiah 30:15-18

What typically keeps you from returning/trusting in God?

Wednesday, March 19 - Jeremiah 33:7-9

Write down any sins that need to be confessed to him. After you confess those sins, tear this sheet out of your book.

Thursday, March 17 - James 4:6-10

What would it look like for you to humble yourself before God?

Friday, March 18 - Psalm 84:10-12

Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any ways in which your life isn’t centered around meeting with God.

Saturday, March 20 - Romans 12:9-13

Ask God to give you the opportunity to practice hospitality today.

Sunday, March 21 (no passage)

Week 6

Monday, March 22 - Psalm 107:4-9

Where do you feel you are on the journey represented by those in distress in Psalm 107: wandering in desert wastelands, crying out to God, or being led by a straight way?

Tuesday, March 23 - Lamentations 3:25-30

In what areas of your life do you need to wait on God? What are the benefits of waiting?

Wednesday, March 24 - Psalm 42:1-5

Today, I need to trust God even though I am downcast about _____.

Thursday, March 25 - Psalm 107:10-16

From what darkness/bondage do you need God to save you from today?

Friday, March 26 - John 13:31-35

How might you show the love of God to others around you today?

Saturday, March 27 - John 12:2-5, 7-8

What would be an exrtravagant way for you to serve Jesus today?

Sunday, March 28 (no passage)

Week 7

Monday, March 29 - Hebrews 9:24-28

What is something you're dreading today but know you need to do?

Tuesday, March 30Isaiah 53:1-3

How does knowng that Jesus suffered for you help you persevere in your own difficulties?

Wednesday, March 31 - John 13:3-9

Write down one way you could be extravagant in giving to someone in need today.

Thursday, April 1 - Romans 3:21-26

Write down the name of someone who needs to hear your conversion story.

Friday, April 2 - John 12:27-32

Dwell on the truth that all of your past, present and future sin can be forgiven through one action of Jesus.

Saturday, April 3 - Ephesians 1:7-10

What is one way you can express thanks to Jesus this Easter for redeeming your life?

Sunday, April 4 Easter